19 Cocktails Everyone Should Try


19. Daiquiri

This cocktail offers you probably everything a cocktail should have: it’s sweet (because of rum and sugar) and sour (because of lime) at the same time. It’s a combination that has to work out – none of the flavors is stronger from the other one, everything is how it’s supposed to be. That’s why this classic is something you definitely have to try.

Irish Coffee

18. Irish Coffee

Although not everyone would consider this one a cocktail, we had to put it on our list because we find it to be one of the most intriguing ones – not only it does something special to your senses, it also affects your mood. Coffee combined with alcohol – is there anything that could lift you more off the ground? We don’t think there is.



17. Cosmopolitan

Yes, we probably know how you feel about this one – you won’t try it unless you’re a girl. Well, if you could only reconsider it for a second and have it this way: there’s vodka, triple sec, cranberry and lime – how bad could it possibly be? The best part about it is fruit that gives a totally different dimension to every beverage.

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