Terrible Cars That Should Have Never Been Sold

Hyundai Pony

When the Hyundai Pony entered the market in Canada in 1984, it had only one appealing element to it. It was cheap. Not just cheap, but super cheap due to its low-cost manufacturing in South Korea. And it was cheap to buy, one again, it was super cheap. You could pick up a Pony for as little as just under $6,000.

With the Hyundai Pony, you really got what you were paying for. It looked like it had been made out of cereal boxes at recess by a group of creative preschoolers. The paint job may also have been outsourced to school kids and the choke knob borrowed from a toddler’s toy box. The car’s suspension was ungainly and the tires were anorexic. But the price lured unsuspecting victims, sorry, we mean buyers.

Like the worst cars on our list, the Hyundai Pony would randomly explode into flames and burn down to its rims. It’s not unfair to this car to call it one of the worst ever produced. Actually, that’s being kind.

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