These Celebs Were Once Hot, Now They Are Atrocious

Val Kilmer

39. Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer used to be famous for his good looks, stealing the heart of any female who saw him playing the role of Jim Morrison. However, aging was very unkind to formerly handsome Kilmer, plus his weight gaining does not help his looks either. Somehow, he does not look like older version of himself but rather like badly stretched Photoshop image.

Al Pacin

38. Al Pacino

Al Pacino owes his bad looks not only simply to aging and the fact that he seems all dried out, but also to the messy hair and three-day beard style he seems to be pushing. Worse than wrinkles and hanging skin, hair and beard which scream for grooming, give Pacino that homeless man looks.

Steven Tyler

37. Steven Tyler

Unlike Al Pacino who gave up taking care of himself, Aerosmith front man took the opposite line of action. Tyler is obviously in denial of the fact that he is getting quite old, and keeps pushing that twenty-five-year-old fashion style. It’s hard to decide which is worse: the idea or the result.

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